Chancellor Announces New Appointments

No figurehead leaders in this regime!

In her first day as Chancellor-elect, SHC Autumn Doyle made some important decisions, announcing them to the newly elected and reelected members of the Cabal in a welcome email formally inviting them to form a government.

Among other items, the email to the Cabal contained the following:

*Here, from my throne of bone, I appoint one Rob Pollard as voting member of the Cabal (under special provisions in the new charter, and pending its ratification by this honored Committee).  I foresee the benefits of his presence.

*I do hereby appoint one Joe Durwin as Chief of Staff/Majordomo to (me) the Chancellor, to assist in the administering of fair and effective government.  (This is a non-voting secretarial role, as outlined in the new prospective charter).
Robert Pollard came in a close 7th,  just behind Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli for at-large candidates, and is seen as a very pro-Chancellor candidate.
Founding member Joe Durwin is retiring from an active, voting presence on the ZAC after serving in this capacity since 2008.  A firm supporter of the Committee’s growing new direction and SHC Doyle’s candidacy, it is anticipated that he will accept the Chancellor’s request to serve in this non-voting, administrative assistant capacity.
Both appointments will become official upon the swearing-in of the new Cabal in January, and ratification of the new charter, which is expected to be circulating among its members before the 1st of the new year.

The Results Are In! Meet the 2012 Zombie Action Committee

After an interesting nomination and balloting process that offered more than one surprise twist, the community has chosen who will serve as officials on the 2012 Committee.

Running largely unopposed, Autumn Doyle (Ni Dubhghaill) was elected to the newly created position of Supreme High Chancellor by an 84.5% majority landslide!

Autumn is best known as a prominent western Mass. artist and musician. Most recently celebrated in Northampton’s Follow the River exhibition, for her photography-of-/temporary-installation River of Fire. It has been suggested that in fact her documented ability to create an actual controlled river of fire was seen as a major qualification for leadership of this organization.

The rest of the 2012 Committee structure was elected as follows:

Carly Beery- Director of Educational Events 52.9%
Parker Chandler- Deputy Director E.E. 40%

Leehe Shmueli -Clerk 54.3%
Jeffrey Brace – Dep. Clerk 35.7%

DA Chaney – Director of Comm. & Outreach 45.3%
Palmer Dietrich – Deputy Director C&O 39.1%

April Jordan – At-Large Cabal 39%
Carrie Wright 32.6%
Amanda Walger 26.2%
Javier Cancel 23.9%
Gabriel Squailia 19.6%
Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli 15.2%

While about half the Committee are returning incumbents, among the elected are some notable newcomers that pundits predict will bring an even greater enthusiam and broader knowledge of the issues to the 2012 cabal.

This includes a fantastic amount of literary experience with the subjects of zombification, mortification, and various forms of walking death. Newly elected
Director of Communication and Outreach DA Chaney is a prolific horror writer (see Amazon bio)  with numerous published stories, including such zombie anthology fiction as “Zombie Bites: The Old Dead” in First Time Dead 2 and “Cranial Rewire” in Hell Hath No Fury: An All Female Zombie Anthology. Deputy Clerk Jeffrey Brace has written a short play outlining some potential social ramifications of the Problem, entitled “Zombies in Love.” New At-large Cabal member Gabriel Squailia has penned the soon-to-be-published novel Dead Boys, a mesmerizing epic peopled with decomposing protagonists, which has been called “the Wizard of Oz in the afterlife.”

Newcomer April Jordan is also makeup director &  model for Kickery Kreative, which recently produced the “Hot Zombie” Calendar, while Eliza, Parker, and Leehe have all been helpful volunteers and supporters of previous ZAC activities. Last minute write-in Amanda Walger was surprised to hear of her candidacy, but embraced and promoted it to come in third place in the at-large race. Amanda was an enthusiastic participant in previous ZAC events, and has said she’s very excited to be serving on the Committee.

Other spontaneous write-in candidates included, in approximate order of popularity: Katie Schott, Jay Elling, Joe Durwin, Chuck Norris, Ericka Hanger, Michael Durwin, Jenn Gomez, Rachel Parsik, Cookie Monster, Jo Duran, Ivan the Terrible, Joshua Cutler and Larry Bird. While not receiving enough write-ins to take on voting responsibilities on the Committee, the Office of the Chancellor heartily welcomes their active participation and extends friendship and allegiance to these fine individuals.

A swearing in ceremony for the 2012 Cabal will take place at a time and date in January soon to be announced.

In a statement first released Friday during a performance at the Chameleons nightclub in Pittsfield, Chancellor Doyle promised “as that most stately head of this Cabal, we shall forge a new, bright future of our most productive, bold and creative year yet!. We shall cut a path through ignorance and arrogance, into so glorious a future that Cabals yet to come shall sing our praise and drink to our names in their great marble halls!!”

ZAC Election 2012


RESULTS SO FAR (will update as votes continue to come in):

Zombie Action Committee Nominees:

Officers & voting members [-in each position, the #1 vote getter will serve in the position, and the 2nd top vote getter will serve as Deputy to that position

(Chancellor:) Autumn Doyle

(Clerk:) Jeffrey Brace, Leehe Schmueli-Segenreich

(Director of Educational Events): Carly Beery, Parker Chandler

(Communications & Public Relations) DA Chaney, Palmer Dietrich

(At-Large Cabal)- Top 6 vote-getters, need 3 vote minimum to qualify for election:

Javier Cancel

April Jordan

Rob Pollard

Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli

Gabriel Squailia

Daniel Valenti

Carrie Wright

FOUNDING/ Honorary Members-For-Life (Non-voting, not open to election)

Shaun Behrent

Daniel Brazee

Joe Durwin

Bryan Larkin