Chancellor Announces New Appointments

No figurehead leaders in this regime!

In her first day as Chancellor-elect, SHC Autumn Doyle made some important decisions, announcing them to the newly elected and reelected members of the Cabal in a welcome email formally inviting them to form a government.

Among other items, the email to the Cabal contained the following:

*Here, from my throne of bone, I appoint one Rob Pollard as voting member of the Cabal (under special provisions in the new charter, and pending its ratification by this honored Committee).  I foresee the benefits of his presence.

*I do hereby appoint one Joe Durwin as Chief of Staff/Majordomo to (me) the Chancellor, to assist in the administering of fair and effective government.  (This is a non-voting secretarial role, as outlined in the new prospective charter).
Robert Pollard came in a close 7th,  just behind Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli for at-large candidates, and is seen as a very pro-Chancellor candidate.
Founding member Joe Durwin is retiring from an active, voting presence on the ZAC after serving in this capacity since 2008.  A firm supporter of the Committee’s growing new direction and SHC Doyle’s candidacy, it is anticipated that he will accept the Chancellor’s request to serve in this non-voting, administrative assistant capacity.
Both appointments will become official upon the swearing-in of the new Cabal in January, and ratification of the new charter, which is expected to be circulating among its members before the 1st of the new year.

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