New Chancellor, Committee Officials To Be Sworn In January 25

January 9, 2012

Pittsfield, Mass- Berkshire County’s Zombie Action Committee will hold a formal Inauguration and Oath-Taking Ceremony on Wednesday, January 25, to officially welcome and launch its recently elected 2012 government.

The ceremony will take place at 7pm at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, 28 Renne Avenue in Pittsfield, with a casual meet & greet reception to take place following at Y Bar at 391 North Street. Friends and family of the elected officers and all supporters of the ZAC are welcome to attend. Members are the media are asked to RSVP their intention of attending in order to make sure all can be accomodated.

This Inauguration and Oath-Taking Ceremony follows a nomination and election process undertaken by the ZAC over the course of November and December-the results of which can be viewed at

Autumn Doyle, of Dalton, Massachusetts, will ascend to the Office of Supreme High Chancellor by an 84.5% majority landslide over several popular write-in candidates including filmmaker George Romero and actor Chuck Norris.

Veteran ZAC member and crucial Zombie Pub Crawl organizer Carly Beery will be sworn in as the new Director of Educational Events, with Parker Chandler as Deputy; author DA Chaney, who has published stories in several popular zombie anthologies, will be Director of Communications & Outreach, with Palmer Dietrich as Deputy. Leehe Schueli-Segenreich will serve as Clerk, with Jeffrey Brace as Deputy Clerk.

Newcomers April Jordan, Amanda Walger, Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli, Gabriel Squailia, and Robert Pollard will join incumbents Carrie Wright and Javier Dominguez as at large committee members. These members have the same voting and rights to place petitions before the Chancellor as the other elected offices, and will support the functions of the Committee through various subcommittees as needed.

Chancellor Doyle has promised that with her new 13 member board, along with the many other enthusiastic volunteers within the organization, the ZAC will “forge a future of our most productive, bold and creative year yet.”

In 2011, the ZAC expanded its primary educational event, the Zombie Pub Crawl, becoming the smallest recognized city of many participating in World Zombie Day , garnered media attention in radio, television, internet and print from the Pioneer Vallery to Albany NY, raised awareness of its issues at Pittsfield’s Halloween parade, and generally brought undead issues to a bigger, broader audience than ever before seen in this region. Activities of the ZAC were recently featured as one of the “highlights” of local nightlife in 2011 by the Berkshire Eagle.


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