ZAC Spring Meeting – March 14, 2k12

The Supreme High Chancellor and Guardian of the Cabal has requested to convene a meeting of the Zombie Action Committee
To be held on Wednesday, March 14, at 7:30 PM, at Y Bar in Pittsfield, at the location of 391 North Street, intersection of North & Bradford Streets.
Below is the draft agenda for this first full meeting of the 2012 year, a finalized agenda will be posted March 10.
Committee officials please RSVP if you can or cannot attend as soon as possible to the Clerk at
WORKING AGENDA (Please submit your suggestions and proposals for items to the Clerk)
 I. Ratification of the previously issued revised draft of the ZAC Charter document.  (VOTE)
II. Proclamation from the Chancellor that the Committee reach out to the Berkshire Film & Media Commission and offer itself as a general informational resource available for consulting and supporting any filmmaker wishing to make films about Zombies, Vampires, Werwolves or other preternatural or anomalous biolgical entities.  (VOTE)
     -Discussion by Committee and vote whether to approve this act & refer to Dir. of Outreach & Communication to draft a letter.
III. Events
A. Petition from Rob Pollard [Cabal] to assess interest and options for an informal zombie-themed survival campout.
-Discuss in committee and refer to C. Rob Pollard for further research of options, if there is general interest from Committee.
B. Zombie Pub Crawl 3 / Potential Zombie Weekend
     1. Report by the Director of Educational Events on 2011 Crawl and vision for 2012
Input and discussion by Committee; initial consensus-taking on a combined weekend of programming in October
   2. Proclamation by the Chancellor that the Committee review and express its opinion on the possibility of a ZAC curated art show to be planned in conjunction with some local gallery or art space, and potentially in conjunction with Pub Crawl/ all around Zombie weekend concept.  Discuss and if deemed favorable by vote, refer to Clerk to contact city Cultural Development Director Megan Whilden to ask for support and advice in progressing this effort.
CPetition from Jeffrey Brace [Dep. Clerk] to seek Committee support in staging his original play, Zombies in Love.

IV. Report from the Director of Communications & Outreach
V. Fundraising 
a. General brainstorm session of ideas for raising funds to help support the ZAC’s activities in 2012.
b. Proclamation by the Chancellor that the Committee consider the idea of an online auction of items and services procurable by the Committee.

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