ZAC Approves New Educational Director

”]Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli will ascend to the revered post of Director of Educational Events, as enacted by the cabal April 29, 2012.

Eliza will succeed Carly Beery, veteran committee member, makeup guru, and hero of zombie awareness.  By edict of the Chancellor, Beery shall heretofore be Ambassador-Commander NYC Branch, and shall report to the local committee on such metropolitan developments  as she deems important.

Director Ryan-Sinopoli updated the SHC and cabal about progress in educational events - Apr. 29

In her directorship Eliza will oversee activities of the Education & Events subcommittee, one of the cabal’s most important departmental subdivisions. Projects being spearheaded by this department include a proposed volunteerism  effort to support blood donation, as well as the committee’s plans to launch a variety of themed satellite events around its annual festivities for World Zombie Day weekend (Oct. 12-14)

“She’s perfect for it,” said husband Gino Sinopoli, “She’s seen or knows of like every zombie movie ever made.”

In other committee news:

The ZAC approved an amendment to its charter providing its Chancellor to make interim appointments to fill committee vacancies at any time, effective immediately upon proclamation and without vote of approval by the committee.  A unanimous vote of attending members combined with absentee ballots from non-attending provided the 9/10 majority necessary to amend the ZAC’s charter.

the ZAC will commemorate World Zombie Day on October 13, 2o12 in solidarity with allies in cities around the country.  The ZAC received official confirmation of the date earlier this month from World Zombie Day Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; cities who’ve already confirmed WZD events for Oct. 13 include Jacksonsville, FL, Tuscon AZ, Fayette MO, Flint MI, Orlando FL, and Anchorage, Alaska so far.

In Pittsfield, the ZAC will host a series of themed recreational educational events that weekend, on which it will make a more detailed formal announcement in May.

–The  Communications & Outreach subcommittee reported on its April 24 meeting and finalized planning for the committee’s upcoming expert panel discussion at BAMCon next Sunday at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

The panel will begin at 3pm Sunday May 6, but there are great events, vendors, costumed revelry and more all weekend.  Get your tickets now!

ZAC Poised to Amend Charter

The ruling cabal will meet tomorrow, April 29, at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts in Pittsfield.  In addition to its various regular planning activities there will be a vote to amend our charter.

The following Proclamation to Amend comes down from Supreme High Chancellor and Guardian of the Cabal Autumn Doyle, and will require a 9/10 majority of voting cabal members to be approved:

“In the event that an office or directorship shall become vacant prior to the expiration of term, the Chancellor may appoint a replacement to fill this vacancy until the culmination of the term and until the next election cycle. This replacement may come from among the existing elected cabal or any other suitable individual duly appointed by the SHC who shall swear adherence to its charter.”

If approved, the amendment will be added to Section 7D of the ZAC’s charter, under Nominations & Appointments.

If you have concerns about this amendment, feel free to email the Chancellor at or contact your nearest elected ZAC representative

For info on other subjects to be discussed at this meeting, see our Meeting Agendas page.




Authors and Experts to Tackle Zombie Genre at New Anime Convention

BAMCon May 4-6. 2012

Pittsfield, MASS- The Zombie Action Committee will present an expert panel discussion on the subject of surviving the undead in fiction and theory, as part of BAM-Con, the 1st annual Berkshire Anime & Manga Convention on May 6, 2012.

Scheduled for 3pm Sunday May 6, the final day of this 3-day convention, this panel will examine various practical and philosophical aspects of zombies and their survival in fiction, from examples in anime to the entire range of film, television, books and comics.
The following specialists will present their observations, discuss concepts and offer a Q&A period to follow:
DA Chaney – Author and renowned zombie expert, Chaney’s work on the subject appears in anthologies such as First Time Dead 2, Hell Hath No Fury: An All Female Zombie Anthology, Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 From Outer Space, Zombie Writing!, and her new novella Cryptic.  Chaney is also a respected blogger on the horror genre.
Autumn Doyle  – Artist, musician, and folklorist, Autumn was elected Supreme High Chancellor of the Zombie Action Committee for 2012.  Autumn has studied the lore of the dead and undead in various cultures and traditions and is a celebrated expert on magical and occult theories and aspects of the walking dead.  Photography of Doyle’s simulated River of Fire was recently showcased in the exhibition “Follow the River,” juried by the Northampton Arts Council
Gabriel Squailia – Author of the novel Dead Boys, which has been compared to “the Wizard of Oz in the afterlife,” Squailia is an avid purveyor of various sci/fi and fantasy is considered an expert on postcorporeal existence and animate corpses.
Palmer Dietrich – eminent survivalist Palmer Dietrich specializes in crisis readiness and emergency action strategies.  Dietrich, who serves as Deputy Director of Communications & Outreach, oversees networking and coordination with other zombie awareness groups worldwide, and claims to be one of the only American civilians to have survived a zombie crisis.
The Zombie Action Committee is thrilled to participate in this new convention created by MediaCrash and the Berkshire Anime Convention, as part of its overall mission of raising awareness and resilient community building.  For more information and tickets to Bam-Con visit the convention’s homepage at or enjoy the following video:

Local Zombie Committee to Offer Film & Media Support

For Immediate Release
Local Zombie Committee to Offer Film & Media Support
Friday, April 13, 2012
Pittsfield, MASS- The Berkshire County based Zombie Action Committee will expand its involvement in the community by making itself available to provide expert consulting, support, and technical services for anyone seeking to produce relevant film and or other media projects in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.
In a letter to the Berkshire Film and Media Commission, the Committee has
offered to supply various support services for any project “related to zombies, vampires, werewolves, aliens or such creatures, or involving depictions of rioting, mass social unrest, or depictions pre-, peri- or post-apocalyptic settings.”
According to this official statement, “Assistance may include expert theoretical or technical consulting, research and information services, organizing volunteer extras, location advisement, focus grouping, organization and promotional support of any local premiere viewings, or other assistance as desired and approved by the Committee.”
“The Zombie Action Committee feels it can offer a very specialized expertise on the rapidly growing international niche of zombies and the portrayal of the un-dead,” says ZAC Chancellor Autumn Doyle, “We would like to extend our hand to the Berkshire Film and Media Commission as one more resource, in hopes of attracting a greater diversity of films to be shot and produced in the area.”  
The proposal, first suggested by the newly elected Chancellor just prior to the ZAC’s January 25 inauguration, was approved by a committee majority at its March 14 meeting.
The committee, which is dedicated to raising zombie awareness and other important functions, authorized its Department of Communications & Outreach to create a profile listing on the Berkshire Film & Media Commission online list of production support resources, and to draft a formal letter notifying the film commission of this resource.  Notification of these free services is also being sent to the Massachusetts Film Office, the Berkshire International Film Festival, Berkshire Creative Economy Council, Visitor’s Bureau and local chambers of commerce.
Communications and Outreach Director DA Chaney will act as primary contact person for inquiries related to these services.  Chaney, whose work on the subject can be found in a variety anthologies and her debut novella “Cryptic,” available through Amazon, is one of several writers with related literary experience currently serving on the 2012 committee.
For more information visit   or