Local Zombie Committee to Offer Film & Media Support

For Immediate Release
Local Zombie Committee to Offer Film & Media Support
Friday, April 13, 2012
Pittsfield, MASS- The Berkshire County based Zombie Action Committee will expand its involvement in the community by making itself available to provide expert consulting, support, and technical services for anyone seeking to produce relevant film and or other media projects in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.
In a letter to the Berkshire Film and Media Commission, the Committee has
offered to supply various support services for any project “related to zombies, vampires, werewolves, aliens or such creatures, or involving depictions of rioting, mass social unrest, or depictions pre-, peri- or post-apocalyptic settings.”
According to this official statement, “Assistance may include expert theoretical or technical consulting, research and information services, organizing volunteer extras, location advisement, focus grouping, organization and promotional support of any local premiere viewings, or other assistance as desired and approved by the Committee.”
“The Zombie Action Committee feels it can offer a very specialized expertise on the rapidly growing international niche of zombies and the portrayal of the un-dead,” says ZAC Chancellor Autumn Doyle, “We would like to extend our hand to the Berkshire Film and Media Commission as one more resource, in hopes of attracting a greater diversity of films to be shot and produced in the area.”  
The proposal, first suggested by the newly elected Chancellor just prior to the ZAC’s January 25 inauguration, was approved by a committee majority at its March 14 meeting.
The committee, which is dedicated to raising zombie awareness and other important functions, authorized its Department of Communications & Outreach to create a profile listing on the Berkshire Film & Media Commission online list of production support resources, and to draft a formal letter notifying the film commission of this resource.  Notification of these free services is also being sent to the Massachusetts Film Office, the Berkshire International Film Festival, Berkshire Creative Economy Council, Visitor’s Bureau and local chambers of commerce.
Communications and Outreach Director DA Chaney will act as primary contact person for inquiries related to these services.  Chaney, whose work on the subject can be found in a variety anthologies and her debut novella “Cryptic,” available through Amazon, is one of several writers with related literary experience currently serving on the 2012 committee.
For more information visit https://surviveberkshires.wordpress.com   or 

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