ZAC Amends Charter to Advance Election Timetable

ZAC Amends Charter to Advance Election Timetable

The Berkshire County based Zombie Action Committee announced Monday its decision to move up the date of its nomination and election cycle from its previous November to December period to an earlier seasonal structure to accomodate its evolving role in the local community.
Following a vote by the committee Sunday to alter Section 6, Part A of its organizational charter, nominations for committee officials for the 2013 term are being accepted now through Friday, August 31, 2012.  Polling will open Monday, October 8 and close at 11pm on Saturday, October 13, at the conclusion of its scheduled local events as part of the international World Zombie Day campaign to fight hunger.  Polling places and more information about how to vote in the ZAC’s elections will be released later this summer.
Official nominations can be made either through the online form, via emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting or postal delivery of a name (information below).   Names may be nominated for any of the positions below, from the list of specific officers, or without designation under the category of at-large representatives.  Under the ZAC’s Charter, each officer and at large cabal member have a vote on all matters up for approval by the committee.  All officers and representatives of the committee pledge, upon swearing in, to represent the will of the constituency which has elected them and the overall community which the ZAC exists to serve.  Anyone may make a nomination, and anyone may be nominated.  Any individual who resides in Berkshire County, indicates willingness to serve on the committtee, and receives at least two nominations may run for election as a directorship official, or one nomination to be on the ballot for one of six open at large seats.  An individual must receive at least 3 nominations to be on the ballot for the executive office of Chancellor.  In the case of several Directorship offices on the committee, the runner up in the general election will serve as the deputy to that position.
To make a nomination:
or mail to:
Attn: Zombie Action Committee, 395 North Street, Suite A, Pittsfield, MA
Offices open for nomination:
Supreme High Chancellor – Executive elected officer of the ZAC. Chairs and presides over all activities of the committee and executive functions of the organization.
Commissar – Coordinates the Chancellor’s Partisan Militia, the ZAC’s ever-growing network of volunteers, and represents their input as a voting member on the committee.
Clerk of the Cabal – The clerk is responsible for keeping minutes, notifying the committee of meeting minutes, releasing agendas and retaining all paperwork for the ZAC.
Director of Communications 
& Deputy Dir. of Communications  -the Director and Deputy Directors chair the Subcommittee on Outreach & Communications, managing the committee’s official external communications, media relations, and maintain communications with its network of allied groups and organizations.  Various temporary marketing and publicity subcommittees created as needed by the Chancellor report to the Director of Communications.
Director of Educational Events
& Deputy Dir. of Educ. Events  – The Directors chair the Subcommittee for Educational Events which coordinates and plans many of the group’s activities and functions for raising awareness in the area.
Director of Community Relations
Dep. Dir. of Community Relations – These directors chair the Subcommittee for Community Relationships & Sponsorship, and oversee fundraising and relationships with collaborating and sponsoring businesses and organizations in the local area.
Director of Preparedness– Aids in the committee’s mission of resilient community building by staying up to date on emergency preparedness and natural disaster protocols.  Maintains knowledge of and communication with relief organizations to look for ways the ZAC can educate and provide support to the community in the event of any crisis.
At Large Representatives
At large representatives hold the same voting authority on the committee as the departmental officers on the committee but their responsibilities may vary.  Each at large member shall serve on at least one subcommittee as appointed by the SHC.

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