We’re having a Logo Contest! – Logo Contest Begins!

The Zombie Action Committee is officially announcing a contest we’re holding for the creation of a unique and new logo that’ll be used in our future public communications?

Below is a list of contest rules. We hope to see your entry! Show us what you have in store! We’re hungry for your work!

This is a great design created by designer Joseph Wilk for our Zombie Pub Crawl, but we need something which designates the Zombie Action Committee and represents all that we are working to do in the Berkshires.

    Contest Rules

(Please note: If the conditions below aren’t met, we will not be considering your work for the logo contest, no matter how awesome it may be).

-No committee members are allowed to submit an entry

-Contest will run until August 17th

-No copyrighted material shall be used in the submission.

-The words “Zombie Action Committee” must be clear and legible on the logo

-Family Friendly (Nothing too terrifying, pornographic or ultra-violent. It’s just a logo.)

-Must be submitted in High Resolution

-Multiple Submissions Welcome

-Winner will be announced one week after contest ends.

-Logo will be the sole intellectual property of Zombie Action Committee.

-Submit logo, name and contact info to zombiefacts@gmail.com

Winners will receive a deluxe Zombie Action Committee Survival Package, complete with various supplies, a copy of the book “Cryptic” by D.A. Chaney, and two free V.I.P. tickets to our October 13 “Zombie Prom” at Spice Dragon.

Have questions? Need to clarify something? Send us an email! zombiefacts@gmail.com


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