A Night of Bloodied Memories: Berkshire County’s First Ever Zombie Prom at Zombify Pittsfield









Imagine your high school  prom gone terribly wrong…

Everyone all dressed up in gowns and suits and tuxes, ready to dance the night away to the funky beats of a fabulous deejay… but something has gone wrong.  An infection has broken loose in the crowd of revelers… screams break out around the edges of the party as party goers begin biting and devouring each other.  Cheesy streamers and balloons are spattered with blood, shredded corsages fly everywhere as chaos overwhelms the banquet hall.  Howls and groans fill the air as the well dressed denizens become bloodthirsty, carnivorous monsters all around.  But the music never stops; and, confused and disoriented, the zombified horde begins to dance amidst the mayhem…

This is the scene you will enter as the Zombie Action Committee and Bespoke Costuming will conclude Zombify Pittsfield and ring in World Zombie Day with the ZOMBIE PROM, a night of stylish gore and classy monstrosity!

Beginning at 8:30 PM on October 13 (World Zombie Day, celebrated in cities around the planet!), the Zombie Prom will feature Berkshire County’s most popular mixmaster, DJ BFG himself.  Complementing his sweet beats will be the acclaimed VJ B-17 Bomber, projecting a barrage of disturbing zombierrific visual imagery throughout the room.

With a cash bar, glamour zombie photography, and plenty of blood-stained, tarnished high school ambiance, this event is not to be missed!  

The cover is just 8 dollars, or only 5 with the donation of two or more items of nonperishable foods to go to local food banks.  This event will also conclude our week long election for officials in the Zombie Action Committee, with the winning candidates announced that night.

ZOMBIE PROM  – Upstairs at Spice Dragon, 297 North Street, Pittsfield

8:30 PM, October 13, 2012

w/ DJ BFG & VJ B-17 Bomber


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