Pittsfield Zombie Festival Part of International Hunger Effort on World Zombie Day

Pittsfield will be just one of many cities around the world that will see hordes of simulated undead gather for charitable reasons on what has come to be known internationally as World Zombie Day.
The Berkshire County-based Zombie Action Committee will seek donations of quality canned goods and nonperishable foods at events throughout three days of zombie-themed festivities.  Collection bins for food donations will be available at its opening art show, Visual Dead, on Thursday, as well at zombie film showings Beacon Cinema on October 12-13 and Spice Dragon for its climactic Zombie Prom on World Zombie Day, October 13.
“From the Silver Screen to the CDC’s publicity department, the zombie theme is huge,” said DA Chaney, acclaimed zombie author and Lanesboro native, who serves as a spokesperson for the group.  “ZAC is tapping into that popular interest and trying to use it to do some good in the community, and incorporate some demographics that might not be as likely to be reached by more traditional charitable initiatives.”
In Pittsburgh, home of cult film director George Romero and de facto
headquarters of World Zombie Day, the It’s Alive Show will once again sponsor Zombie Fest on October 13, with food donations to support the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.  At the first World Zombie Day event there in October of 2008, Pittsburgh set a high bar for food drives, raising one ton in food with their zombie walk.
Like Pittsfield, London, England will also host both a zombie pub crawl and a showing of Shaun of the Dead for WZD, with proceeds to support a UK homeless shelter. In Utica, Michigan organizers are hosting an event featuring a zombie blood drive, car wash, beauty pagaent along with a more traditional zombie walk.  Tucson will also hold its 7th annual zombie walk that day, and Minneapolis will hold its 9th zombie pub crawl to a yearly returning crowd of thousands.  Other major cities with zombie-themed events next weekend include Flint, MI, Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, Tucson, AZ, Fayette, MO, Anchorage, AL, Jackson, MI, Columbus, OH, Nashville, TN, Utica, MI, Hamilton, OH, Knoxville, TN, Winnipeg, Canada, La Plata, Maryland, Detroit, MI, Hartland, MI, Lakeland, FL Dayton, OR, Corpus Christi, TX, Wilmington, NC and Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Food drives are a prominent component of most, though some have devoted themselves to other causes such as animal shelters and other charities.
In Pittsfield, donations gathered at the three day zombie extravaganza will go to support the efforts of the Christian Center on Robbins Avenue.
“Sometimes in food drive situations, people just raid their cupboards and bring things they would never eat themselves,” said ZAC Communications Director Palmer Dietrich. “We’re asking that they not do this.”
There is a three dollar discount for admission to the October 13 Zombie Prom with two or more food items, and a portion of proceeds from the event will be used to obtain more contributions to the Christian Center’s food bank.  Showings of Shaun of the Dead (7:30PM Oct. 12) and Corpse Bride (3:30PM Oct. 13) will offer free popcorn for anyone who brings a food donation.
ZOMBIFY Pittsfield
OCT 11-13, 2012
“Visual Dead” Art Show –Shawn’s Barber Shop 6:30pm, Oct 11
3rd Annual Zombie Pub Crawl- downtown Pittsfield, October 12 (5pm-1am)
Zombie Prom @ Spice Dragon w/ DJ BFG & VJ B-17 Bomber October 13 (8:30pm-1am) $8, or $5 w/2 or more nonperishable food items
“Shaun of the Dead” (7:30 PM Oct 12) & “Corpse Bride” (3:00PM Oct 13) $5 (Free popcorn w/ canned food donation!)
For additional details see SurviveBerkshires.wordpress.com/press/
Or contact:
Autumn Doyle- Chancellor, Zombie Action Committee
DA Chaney -Author/Celebrity Spokesperson
Eliza Ryan
Director of Events
Rob Pollard
Kommissar [Volunteers]
Clerk of the Cabal
Jeff Brace [Minutes & Election Info]

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