3rd Annual Zombie Pub Crawl- Map & Info

Get pre-zombified at either of our makeup stations at Beacon Cinema or Shawn’s Barber Shop, then begin the Zombie Pub Crawl from either side of Upstreet- take up the crawl starting at the new Phineas Gage’s Moral High Ground (formerly Brix) and the Thistle & Mirth beer bar on West St. across from the Crowne Plaza and work your way north, or start on the other end of North St. and work your way south from Mission to Y Bar and Mad Jacks BBQ. Or start your zombie experience off with a $5 showing of Shaun of the Dead at 7:30 and be out in time for several more hours of zombie antics.

Meet up with other zombies taking different approaches at Baba Louie’s around 8:30 to 9:30 and then proceed to Spice Dragon by around 10:00pm to grab your free raffle ticket, and at 10:30pm we will raffle off some zombie prizes.

Continue on to any of the other downtown taverns you haven’t yet visited, or pile in with your designated drivers and check out zombie karaoke over at Chameleons nightclub over at 1350 East Street.


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