The following candidates have been duly nominated for the following positions within the ZAC (see below for full rules, regulations and other info):

[in alphabetical order]

Supreme High Chancellor
Javier Dominguez
Autumn Doyle
Eliza Ryan
Director of Educational Events
Eliza Ryan
Director of Communications
Palmer Dietrich
Jo Duran
Gabriel Squailia
Director of Community Relations
Larry Botto
Jenn Smith
Donna Rivers
Stephen Root
Clerk of the Cabal
Jeffrey Brace
Amanda Walger
Rob Pollard
Richard Johnson
Director of Preparedness 
Jessica Hume
Stephen Root
Casey Albert
Paul Boulais
Larry Botto
James Burden
Paul Boulais
Javier Dominguez
Sharae Gadson
Jess Hume
Ericka Hanger
Richard Johnson
Jenn Smith
Gabriel Squailia
Amanda Walger

Many offices have more than one nominee- in accordance with the ZAC’s charter, the nominee who attains the most votes shall hold that position, and the person who attains the second highest number of votes shall be the deputy or assistant to that role (e.g., Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Director of Communications, Deputy Kommissar, etc).  There are up to eight seats available for Councilors, also known as “at large Representatives.” 

In some cases, an individual may have been nominated for more than one office on the committee; however, they may only serve in one position, and in this event said person must choose which office they wish to run for election.

Nominees should contact Clerk of the Cabal Jeffrey Brace or Chancellor Autumn to indicate their willingness to serve in whatever nomination they choose.

Under the ZAC’s Charter, each officer and at large cabal member have a vote on all matters up for approval by the committee.

Voting will open Monday, October 8 and close at 11pm on Saturday, October 13, at the conclusion of its scheduled local events as part of the international World Zombie Day campaign to fight hunger.  Options for online  voting as well as ballot boxes will be available at numerous locations participating in Zombify Pittsfield.

LASTLY, IF YOU MISSED THE NOMINATION PERIOD FOR THE ZAC CABAL THIS TERM, DO NOT FEAR, YOU CAN STILL BE PLENTY INVOLVED IN OUR LOCAL ZOMBIE AWARENESS ACTIVITIES BY BECOMING A ZAC PARTISAN!  For more info on being a member of our official volunteer militia, contact acting Kommissar Rob Pollard at roharp@gmail.com


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