Zombies Return To Downtown Pittsfield for 5th Annual Pub Crawl

1374925_588526967869994_920140613_nFor the fifth time, scores of lurching zombies will fill the street’s of Pittsfield’s Upstreet Cultural District on Saturday, October 18.

The pub crawl will begin at 7pm at Thistle & Mirth on West Street.  Makeup help will be provided there on a first come first served basis beforehand from 6pm-7pm.

Other locations include J. Allen’s Bar and Grille, Flavours, Baba Louie’s, Patrick’s Pub and Lach’s Lounge.


10665294_764871336902222_1640808681658773567_n“This will be the biggest year yet,” says lead organizer Casey Albert, of the local Zombie Action Committee.

The Zombie Action Committee, formed at Zeitgeist Gallery in 2008, has been the front line of zombie awareness and education in Berkshire County, hosting numerous events since 2010, including the annual pub crawl, a zombie prom, a small film festival, art shows, and informational panels and lectures. According to founding members of the ZAC, these events are intended as a fun, community friendly way to offer the simulated experience of being surrounded by zombies in order to raise awareness about the danger they face.

Based on crowd counts and informal surveying of participants, the ZAC estimates the Zombie Pub Crawl generates from $3500-$5000 in business for downtown establishments each year.

The ZAC enjoys partnership and communications with like minded local organizations around the world, and in 2012 made national headlines when it exposed the fraudulence of the “lqp-79” aka “zombie virus” hoax following a drug related face eating incident in Miami.

For more info check out Zombie Action Committee on Facebook


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