The Zombie Action Committee, formed in 2008, is dedicated to awareness raising and resilient community building in Berkshire County.  In 2010 it began its annual recreational learning event, the Zombie Pub Crawl, garnering media attention in radio, television, internet, and print from the Pioneer Vallery to Albany New York.  In 2011 the ZAC made Pittsfield, Massachusetts the smallest officially recognized city participating in World Zombie Day, and raised awareness of its issues at Pittsfield’s Halloween parade.  Activities of the ZAC were prominently featured as one of the “highlights” of local nightlife in 2011 by the Berkshire Eagle.

2012 CABAL:

Supreme High Chancellor:  Autumn Doyle [autumn yyriol ni dubhghaill]

Clerks of the Cabal:  Leehe Schmueli, Jeffrey Brace

Director of Communications & Outreach : D.A. Chaney ; Dep. Director Palmer Dietrich 

Director of Educational Events: Carly Beery; Acting Dir. Eliza Ryan Sinopoli

At Large Officers: Parker Chandler, Javier Dominguez, April Jordan,  Rob Pollard, Gabriel Squailia, Carrie Wright

For more information or to get involved cry allegiance to your Chancellor now at chancellorautumn@gmail.com


6 responses to “WHO WE ARE

  1. ok tho it may not be zombie related according to the following that i have found at


    we could still be in abit of trouble if this gets out note i also am a zombie fan ive been preparing for the zombie apocalypse seance i was but 12 years of age i turn 19 in a few months here so if ya would plz reply would greatly appreciate your input
    following was not posted to the website i found it at by affordable web pro you have said to look out for so not sure

    The LQP-79 virus is not like a zombie virus from the movies which you can never destroy or which progresses rapidly. The virus works very much like the common flu virus and can take as long as 48 hours for symptoms to occur. The LQP-79 mental virus can be cleaned up with common sense and household chemicals if you suspect something has been contaminated. If you have an open wound or break in the skin and a blood transfer takes place there is not know cure for the LQP-79 virus and mind disease.

    One you have been infected with LQP-79 virus you must be isolated from society until a cure can be found or you must be destroyed to stop the spread of this deadly mental disorder. The LQP-79 virus can be spread by anyone within speaking distance and word of the disease taking over the minds of young victims in their early teens has occurred in North America.

    Not all victims of the LQP-79 virus are susceptible to cannibal attacks or have a taste for flesh. A predisposition to aggressive mental disorders can alter the course of a LQP-79 virus infection and each victim will have their own experiences. A sustained long period of overheating and high fever are common in all LQP-79 virus victims in the 24 to 48 range as the victim comes to realize the disease is setting in. Paranoia, vomiting and nudity are common first signs of LQP-79 virus infection and anyone with a fever should seek medical attention or plan for their death. If you have sudden urge to bite someone you might have been infected with the LQP-79 virus and you should quickly subdue yourself in quarantine until authorities arrive. If you are unable to control your urges you can supplement your hunger with the bloody red meat from the grocery store for a short period of time.

    Eating red meat is usually unhealthy for you but in the case the weight if the decision is on your mental state and the heart troubles from eating red meat are less important. If red meat is out of the question or you are a vegan you may have more difficulty in calming your cravings for flesh after a LQP-79 virus infection. A decision must be made swiftly before you decide to dine on humans.

    The LQP-79 virus can be washed off most surfaces like counter tops and bathroom floors with bleach, alcohol and Lysol in the can. Apply a liberal amount of these or any household chemicals all over the infected surfaces in your home, car and office space to make sure you do not spread this debilitating disorder. If you keep your home as clean as a hospital you can often avoid the LQP-79 virus.

    If someone is infected with the LQP-79 mental virus and decides to eat another person you must act quickly to stop the spread of this deadly mental disorder and end the life of the fleas eating cannibal. Contrary to internet myth and movie adaptations a human zombie cannot be trained or cured to a level of interaction with other humans ever again. The desire to consume humans will never leave you once you have it.

    Avoid bars, restaurants and public places where the LQP-79 virus might be present and ignore internet rumors about a hoax or jokes being played ion the american people. The internet is the greatest disinformation tools in the world and you can believe everything you don’t read on the internet.

  2. Hi Garret,
    No truth to it, this is just another version of the LQP-79 hoax from a guy with a new site who probably wishes he got on the bandwagon sooner. The clue is built into the last line.
    The LQP-79 virus is a fictional invention; all subsequent references to it are also fictional.

  3. kk wasnt to sure so figured would be good to get second opinion on it bummer tho cant wait for it actually begin lol

  4. Out of curiosity are you really, honestly hoping for a zombie apocalypse and if so why? This is an interesting sociological phenomenon to us?

  5. honestly yes i do wish it would happen if i were to walk down a street and see someone getting bitten by a zombie i would mostly just head to my house inform my family and friends to get prepared and as to my reason behind this is because person i feel that somewhere im not sure where but somewhere along the roads we have taken not as individuals but as a spices that we have fucked up there is in my opinion to many people thinking that they are better then the rest so i think that we could use a chance to reset the score board (pardon the play on words at the end best thing i could think that would fit)

  6. but other than that i just person cant stand most ppl on this planet sure there are some good ones but honestly the rest of em i wouldnt mind if they turned into zombies cuz then i would not mind saving myself by killing them

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