ZAC August Meeting Agenda -August 26, 2012

Proclamations from the Chancellor*

I. Appointment of Commissar of the ZAC Partisans 

II. Acceptance of the Logo  (Vote)

III. Amendment to Fundraising Proclamation (Vote)

V. Budget

A.Update on Recent Contributions

B. Revised Current Budget for Zombify 2012

C.Sponsorship & Treasury procedure

III. Events (Zombify 2012)

A.Beacon Cinema Update

B. Visual Dead art show Update

C. Zombie Pub Crawl (discussion)  [Locations/Schedule/Makeup]

D. Zombie Prom (discussion)  [Entertainment/ Decorations/Price/Volunteers]

E. Misc.

F. Advisory from the Chancellor on Halloween Parade October 26


IV. Marketing & Promotion

A.Printing: posters, cards, t-shirts

B. Radio

C. Media & Publicity

D. Online promotion

E. 3rd Thursday


New Business

Report from Rob Pollard on ZAC interactions with the New England Metal Alliance

Nomination Results

Upcoming Meetings & Dates



Here, from my throne of bone, I hereby proclaim that Robert Pollard shall take on the mantle of Commissar of the Zombie Action Committee Partisans for all of the remaining era of this 2k12 term of office, and to conduct those duties of commanding this volunteer militia in the name of her grace the Supreme High Chancellor.

 Here, from my throne of bone, I hereby request that the cabal accept the logo(s) selected by the jury panel so empowered by this committee to do so, barring any objections.

 Here, from my throne of bone, I hereby proclaim that the active membership of this most noble cabal may, at their own discretion, contribute an at will donation of an amount of their choosing not to exceed to $25.  This proclamation hereby amends the previous motion tabled on 7/22/12.



I. Proclamation by the Chancellor to appoint Sharae Gadson, Deputy Director of Educational Events for the duration of the 2012 term. (Accept without vote as authorized in Charter)

II. Old Business
a. Logo Design Contest- Begun
b. Zombies in Love- Table reading- awaiting date to be set by Jeff
c. Proclamation by the Chancellor to form Partisan volunteer militia (VOTE)

III. ‘Days of the Dead’ (…?) & 3rd Annual Zombie Pub Crawl : Review and Status update

IV. Public input/questions

V. Sponsorship
a. Finalize terms and benefits
b. Contacting bars- continued
c. Other collaborations (discounts for zombies)
d. Contribution by Cabal members (VOTE)

VI. New Business- Approval of Guidelines for 2013 election:
a. campaign spending cap $50 (VOTE)
b. publicizing nomination process- committee members need to share link and spread the word
c. any other motions by committe members

Zombie Action Committee -Full Committee Meeting – June 24, 2012 AGENDA  

3pm @ Dottie’s Coffee Lounge

I. Formation of a militia of ZAC “Partisans” (Proclamation, SHC Doyle)

II. Petition from J. Brace to proceed with planning for an informal reading of Zombies in Love

III. Petition from D. Chaney to amend the charter re: Nomination & Election dates

IV. Report from the Subcommittee on Logo Design & Marketing

V. Budget Presentation – Chancellor’s Chief of Staff

VI. Update from the Chancellor on juried art show -SHC A. Doyle

VII. Update from Events subcommittee on Pub Crawl & Prom
w/-Petition from P. Dietrich to use all October 2012 events as opportunity for soliciting food for local food banks

VIII. Report from the Subcommittee on Outreach & Communications

IX.  General Discussion
A. New Business or petitions
B. Public Input

X. Adjourn


Executive Meeting – April 29, 2012 7:00pm -Lichtenstein Center for the Arts

I. Chancellor’s Opening Remarks

II. Proclamation to Amend the ZAC Charter regarding appointment of replacement officers (VOTE)*

III. Appointment of Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli to Director of Educational Events**
IV. Reports from Subcommittees:

3a Communication & Outreach
Update on outreach to Berkshire Film & Media Commission; BAM-Con Panel***; Press and Allied Org relations
Petition from Director Chaney to file application for Berkshire Trendsetter Award (Marketing-on-a-Shoestring category) [VOTE]

3b Logo Design
The logo design subcommittee will take committee input on launching a contest to design a new ZAC logo.

3c. Educational Events
Zombie Blood Drive; World Zombie Day (3rd Annual Pub Crawl/ZombieThon Weekend); 3rd Thursdays

IV. Fundraising
Input from the committee on a proposed online auction suggested at March 14 meeting.

V. Schedule June meeting w/ public input hearing

VI. Subcommittee Breakout Sessions

C&O : BAM-Con Panel Final Review (Chaney, Dietrich, Jordan, Squailia)

Logo: Plan to implement contest (Walger, Pollard, Dominguez)

Events: Prioritize & Delegate (Ryan-Sinopoli, SHC Doyle, Chandler, Schmueli, Brace, Wright)


*Proclamation to Amend: “In the event that an office or directorship shall become vacant prior to the expiration of term, the Chancellor may appoint a replacement to fill this vacancy until the culmination of the term and until the next election cycle. This replacement may come from among the existing elected cabal or any other suitable individual duly appointed who shall swear adherence to its charter.”

The proclamation to amend the charter needs to be passed by a simple majority (1/2 or more of members) and if passed will be added Section 7D, under Nominations & Appointments.
** Upon ratification, Eliza Ryan-Sinopoli will succeed Carly Beery for the duration of her 2012 term, as Carly Beery will ascend to the appointment of Commander-Ambassador-NYC, ZAC Metropolitan Bureau

***In response to Proclamation from the SHC [passed unopposed 4/11/12]: ” …do hereby proclaim my favor on a request from the “1st Annual Berkshire Anime & Manga Convention (BAM-CON) to invite representatives of this Cabal to appear in an expert panel discussion on the subject of zombies […] at said convention on the week’s end of May 4-6”


March 14, 2012, 7:30pm-  Y Bar, Pittsfield, MA

I. Ratification of the previously issued revised draft of the ZAC Charter document. (VOTE)

II. Proclamation from the Chancellor that the Committee reach out to the Berkshire Film & Media Commission and offer itself as a general informational resource available for consulting and supporting any filmmaker wishing to make films about Zombies, Vampires, Werwolves or other preternatural or anomalous biolgical entities. (VOTE)
-Discussion by Committee and vote whether to approve this act & refer to Dir. of Outreach & Communication to draft a letter.

III. Events
A. Petition from Rob Pollard [Cabal] to assess interest and options for an informal zombie-themed survival campout.
-Discuss in committee and refer to C. Rob Pollard for further research of options, if there is general interest from Committee.

B. Zombie Pub Crawl 3 / Potential Zombie Weekend

1. Report by the Director of Educational Events on 2011 Crawl and vision for 2012
Input and discussion by Committee; initial consensus-taking on a combined weekend of programming in October

2. Proclamation by the Chancellor that the Committee review and express its opinion on the possibility of a ZAC curated art show to be planned in conjunction with some local gallery or art space, and potentially in conjunction with Pub Crawl/ all around Zombie weekend concept. Discuss and if deemed favorable by vote, refer to Clerk to contact city Cultural Development Director Megan Whilden to ask for support and advice in progressing this effort.

C. Petition from Jeffrey Brace [Dep. Clerk] to seek Committee support in staging his original play, Zombies in Love.

IV. Fundraising

a. General brainstorm session of ideas for raising funds to help support the ZAC’s activities in 2012.
b. Proclamation by the Chancellor that the Committee consider the idea of an online auction of items and services procurable by the Committee.
V. Public input/ open itinerary

VI. Adjourn


Cabal Inauguration- January 25, 2012 -Lichtenstein Center for the Arts  (see photos)

I. Entry Procession- Chancellor Elect

II. Opening Remarks- Joe Durwin

III. Chancellor Inaugurated – Supreme High Chancellor Autumn Doyle

IV. Chancellor’s Address -SHC Doyle

V. Committee Oath of Office -ZAC

VI. Award Presentation- Designated Safe House Award, given to Jessica Lamb/ Dottie’s Coffee Lounge

VII. Signing of Cabal Certificates – SHC Doyle

VIII. Adjourn


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