Help Us Zombify Pittsfield (and fight hunger the FUN way!)

Oct. 11-13, 2012
Art! Films! Pubs! Prom! Fighting Hunger!

In solidarity with allies in cities around the country, the Berkshire-based Zombie Action Committee will fight hunger for World Zombie Day on October 13, 2012, by sponsoring a series of cultural, educational and recreational activities October 11-13 in the newly designated Upstreet Cultural District of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. A series of uniquethemed events, including a zombie prom, art exhibit, film showings and our legendary annual Zombie Pub Crawl will be used to generate nonperishable donations for local food banks while generating business for the downtown district and raising awareness about resilient community building in the Berkshires.

● Top sponsorship presentation in all posters and marketing efforts (online, print,
posters, radio) publicity materials
● Available space for signage, banners or other advertisement at WZD Weekend
● 1 year advertising on SurviveBerkshires (ZAC Web site)
● 2 Zombie Action Committee T-Shirts
● 5 tickets to Zombie Prom
● Commemorative Poster signed by the 2012 Zombie Action Committee
● Invitation to a private reception with ZAC’s Chancellor and top elected zombie
● Advisory (non-voting) membership to the ZAC

● Featured on all posters, in publicity materials, and some online promotion Sep 1- Oct
● 2 Tickets to Zombie Prom October 13
● Certificate of Honor from the Chancellor of the Zombie Action Committee

● Host zombies as part of the Zombie Pub Crawl (Oct. 12), offer specials and discounts at your business, or have your organization participate in some other neat way we haven’t even thought of! Call Director of Educational Events Eliza Ryan at (413) 418-5919 or email for more info.

*A study by the ZAC showed that even without any paid promotion, last year’s Zombie Pub Crawl drew hundreds of participants and generated an estimated $7,000 or more in spending at a variety of downtown businesses.



Curated by Autumn Doyle
Sponsored by the Zombie Action Committee & Go Pittsfield


Oct. 11-31 @ Shawn’s Barber Shop, North St, Pittsfield

An exploration of views, themes, and interpretations of death, undeath, and
what it means to be -symbolically, existentially, or metaphysically- living or not living. From ancient mummification to the contemporary obsessions with zombies and vampires, this boundary land has fascinated in all times and places. From dreams to folklore, from religious to scientific perspectives- this exhibit seeks original art from a variety of angles and mediums that revisits this vast archetypal area in unexpected ways.

*Submit images of up to five works to or mail on a CD to Zombie Action Committee, 395 North Street A, Pittsfield, MA 01201

*Include a work list including name, size, and media of each submitted work, whether it is for sale and at what price.

*Include email and telephone contact information

*(Optional) Artist resume & link, if available

*(Optional) Written information on how the pieces or pieces you are submitting relates to the theme of the exhibit, not to exceed one page in total for up to five works.

We’re having a Logo Contest! – Logo Contest Begins!

The Zombie Action Committee is officially announcing a contest we’re holding for the creation of a unique and new logo that’ll be used in our future public communications?

Below is a list of contest rules. We hope to see your entry! Show us what you have in store! We’re hungry for your work!

This is a great design created by designer Joseph Wilk for our Zombie Pub Crawl, but we need something which designates the Zombie Action Committee and represents all that we are working to do in the Berkshires.

    Contest Rules

(Please note: If the conditions below aren’t met, we will not be considering your work for the logo contest, no matter how awesome it may be).

-No committee members are allowed to submit an entry

-Contest will run until August 17th

-No copyrighted material shall be used in the submission.

-The words “Zombie Action Committee” must be clear and legible on the logo

-Family Friendly (Nothing too terrifying, pornographic or ultra-violent. It’s just a logo.)

-Must be submitted in High Resolution

-Multiple Submissions Welcome

-Winner will be announced one week after contest ends.

-Logo will be the sole intellectual property of Zombie Action Committee.

-Submit logo, name and contact info to

Winners will receive a deluxe Zombie Action Committee Survival Package, complete with various supplies, a copy of the book “Cryptic” by D.A. Chaney, and two free V.I.P. tickets to our October 13 “Zombie Prom” at Spice Dragon.

Have questions? Need to clarify something? Send us an email!

ZAC Amends Charter to Advance Election Timetable

ZAC Amends Charter to Advance Election Timetable

The Berkshire County based Zombie Action Committee announced Monday its decision to move up the date of its nomination and election cycle from its previous November to December period to an earlier seasonal structure to accomodate its evolving role in the local community.
Following a vote by the committee Sunday to alter Section 6, Part A of its organizational charter, nominations for committee officials for the 2013 term are being accepted now through Friday, August 31, 2012.  Polling will open Monday, October 8 and close at 11pm on Saturday, October 13, at the conclusion of its scheduled local events as part of the international World Zombie Day campaign to fight hunger.  Polling places and more information about how to vote in the ZAC’s elections will be released later this summer.
Official nominations can be made either through the online form, via emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting or postal delivery of a name (information below).   Names may be nominated for any of the positions below, from the list of specific officers, or without designation under the category of at-large representatives.  Under the ZAC’s Charter, each officer and at large cabal member have a vote on all matters up for approval by the committee.  All officers and representatives of the committee pledge, upon swearing in, to represent the will of the constituency which has elected them and the overall community which the ZAC exists to serve.  Anyone may make a nomination, and anyone may be nominated.  Any individual who resides in Berkshire County, indicates willingness to serve on the committtee, and receives at least two nominations may run for election as a directorship official, or one nomination to be on the ballot for one of six open at large seats.  An individual must receive at least 3 nominations to be on the ballot for the executive office of Chancellor.  In the case of several Directorship offices on the committee, the runner up in the general election will serve as the deputy to that position.
To make a nomination:
or mail to:
Attn: Zombie Action Committee, 395 North Street, Suite A, Pittsfield, MA
Offices open for nomination:
Supreme High Chancellor – Executive elected officer of the ZAC. Chairs and presides over all activities of the committee and executive functions of the organization.
Commissar – Coordinates the Chancellor’s Partisan Militia, the ZAC’s ever-growing network of volunteers, and represents their input as a voting member on the committee.
Clerk of the Cabal – The clerk is responsible for keeping minutes, notifying the committee of meeting minutes, releasing agendas and retaining all paperwork for the ZAC.
Director of Communications 
& Deputy Dir. of Communications  -the Director and Deputy Directors chair the Subcommittee on Outreach & Communications, managing the committee’s official external communications, media relations, and maintain communications with its network of allied groups and organizations.  Various temporary marketing and publicity subcommittees created as needed by the Chancellor report to the Director of Communications.
Director of Educational Events
& Deputy Dir. of Educ. Events  – The Directors chair the Subcommittee for Educational Events which coordinates and plans many of the group’s activities and functions for raising awareness in the area.
Director of Community Relations
Dep. Dir. of Community Relations – These directors chair the Subcommittee for Community Relationships & Sponsorship, and oversee fundraising and relationships with collaborating and sponsoring businesses and organizations in the local area.
Director of Preparedness– Aids in the committee’s mission of resilient community building by staying up to date on emergency preparedness and natural disaster protocols.  Maintains knowledge of and communication with relief organizations to look for ways the ZAC can educate and provide support to the community in the event of any crisis.
At Large Representatives
At large representatives hold the same voting authority on the committee as the departmental officers on the committee but their responsibilities may vary.  Each at large member shall serve on at least one subcommittee as appointed by the SHC.

LQP-79 “Zombie Virus” CONFIRMED as Web Scam

The inventor of LQP-79, Alfred Moya

Florida may not be the source of a zombie  virus, but it is home to the primary perpetuator of this myth.

The LQP-79 hoax has been created and actively spread by Florida-based “affordable web pro” Alfred Moya, the ZAC has discovered.

Following our announcement Thursday allaying fears of a “zombie” outbreak following a wave of internet rumor and hysteria set off by last weekend’s biting attack  in Miami, we received a tweet from Moya, who tweets as @affordableweb.  A glance at his feed showed he had been actively tweeting and re-tweeting bits about the virus, particularly a link to a thrown-together wordpress based site  Moya had also been promoting the site via his channel and comments on Youtube, as well as spamming it to the comment sections of many other websites and articles.

Closer examination reveals that the site was registered to one Alfred Moya, of Ocala, FL, according to its registration information.  Moya, an avid cannabis advocate who says he has been “building websites and writing on the internet since 1999,” also created this oh-so-scientific video on his youtube channel on Thursday to promote the site.

His LQP-79 site began with the infamous “article” screenshot apparently meant to resemble Huffington Post, which blatantly distorts a quote from the quite-real Armando Aguilar of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police.  Aguilar was the first to suggest (and it is, still, only speculation) that the face-eating attack on the causeway last Saturday might have been the result of the mephedrone-type drugs sometimes referred to as “bath salts.” A doctor quoted in the same report called this drug the “the new LSD” (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25), and it was probably this that inspired Moya, a dread-locked proponent of marijuana and psychedelics, to coin the fictional new virus “Lysergic Quinine Protein” LQP-79.

The note of parody involved is not without merit to anyone familiar with the way in which law enforcement, politicians, medical personnel and media can sometimes create and perpetuate irresponsible rumors, speculation and hysteria.  The comparison of these “bath salt” drugs to LSD was, at best, misguided.   However, Moya’s propagation of an internet hoax that has induced real fear in some, in which all roads lead back to his site, with its Google ads and prominently featured Paypal widget for donating to “fund research and broadcasting information of this deadly virus!” … well, it doesn’t exactly scream altruistic satire.

Any additional questions about the fictional LQP-79 virus or the motivations for creating this fairly widespread rumor can be directed to

Alfred Moya at the Alfred Moya Foundation 

2345 NE 25th Ave
Ocala, FL  (352)509-5420

*We have contacted PayPal to inquire whether or not they consider this solicitation of funds for researching a fictional disease a violation of their terms of use.

*Special thanks to Crystal the Ninja for conferring with us and assisting with our investigation of this matter.


Don’t Succumb to the Bystander Effect

By DA Chaney                                                                                                                            Director of Communications & Outreach, Zombie Action Committee

Awareness is the key. Once you truly become enlightened, you have the power to challenge it. To change it. To whip it into shape. That’s how anything that is ever going to change, will. It all starts with you.

With awareness and the decision to act on it.

It doesn’t mean you have to get always get physically involved, maybe you can’t, but there are other ways to bring levels of sensible response to a disturbing situation.

There is a common social hindrance that strikes a large group of people witnessing a violent or shocking act called “bystander apathy phenomenon” or the“bystander effect”. The diffusion of responsibility is passed around to the group watching the event and the people all believe that “someone else” will do what is necessary. They look to anyone else to become involved, because they choose not to directly become a part of the scene before them. We’re not here to point fingers or make people unduly upset at the point we’re trying to make, but as a person- your level of awareness in this bad social pack behavior is something you need to recognize in an emergency situation, so that you can change it. Whether you’re dealing with an every day crisis (car accidents) or the first stages of a zombie apocalypse happening in your backyard, you should understand what is happening and that only you can make this change.

Your phone call, just a phone call, can save lives. Or in this case, a man’s entire face.

It is reported that it took 18 minutes for bystanders who watched horrified, not knowing what to do, to call for police assistance in Miami. In the heat of the moment, eighteen minutes probably feels like no time at all has gone by with the thrum of shock blazing through a witness’ mind. What was happening seemed like something out of a movie set. There was confusion, panic, shock, disgust, horror, and fear among the group. Visualize it in your mind. Some of you have seen the footage. It might not be lack of compassion that makes you dial or not for help, because certainly seeing something like that can put you out of alignment with time. But those precious moments may have lessened the damage, right? A phone call a little earlier and maybe a closer patrolman in the area could have been on scene quicker, trained in what to do in an emergency situation.

There are many “what if” scenarios in any dangerous situation. “What if I intervene and get sued or hurt?” It certainly has happened to other people. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a good Samaritan, to physically get involved if you’re not trained (and even sometimes when you are) to handle the situation. So don’t. If you see something, all you have to do is pick up your mobile phone and call for help.

We’re not at all advocating that you directly become responsible in the actions taking place on the scene. We want you safe, too. So, leave heated confrontations to the professionals lest bad things escalate worse (please), but you can pick up the phone and call the authorities. Who cares if the police department gets twenty phone calls from the same neighborhood claiming someone is screaming bloody murder next door (probably with good reason)?

You might save that family’s lives because maybe the other nineteen people didn’t make the phone call that you assume they made. You may be instrumental in stopping a horrible crime from being committed.

Yes, if you’re reading this, you’re right. Some people out there are just a bunch of pranksters. Tying the girlfriend up in duck tape and tossing her in the back of the car for fun…well, it may be a lot of fun to them, but let the police sort it out, because maybe they are not playing around. That’s not for you to decide. Make the call. Yes, some couples just fight all the time. But sometimes fighting goes too far, and so what if they think you’re just being nosy. If they are so loud that you can hear them from your living room…I have news for you. You are involved, so make the call that not only gives you peace and quiet, but also, could stop an escalating cycle of violence happening in that household. You could just turn up the TV and pretend not to hear it, but if something bad happens, wouldn’t you have wished you called the police? How many people say that on TV after something terrible happens? “I wish I had done something”.

Sure, a phone call could be mildly embarrassing if you’re not one hundred percent sure what’s happening- but embarrassment is nothing compared to someone becoming a victim of a violent crime. Pick up the phone. Dial those numbers. Train your mind to act quickly in an emergency to reach out for the police. Please.

You can make that difference.

“No Substantiated Cause for Alarm”: ZAC Findings on Miami “Zombie” Attack & LQP-79 Virus

For Immediate Release:  “No Substantiated Cause For Alarm” :  Zombie Action Committee releases statement of findings on the Miami biting attack
Pittsfield, MASS- The Berkshire County based Zombie Action Committee has released the following official statement in response to inquiries regarding the biting attack that took place last weekend in Miami, Florida, and the rapidly spreading internet misinformation about the supposed virus LQP-79.

Even Time Magazine has announced a “Zombie Alert”

Our organization has received a number of inquiries this week regarding our position on reports of a grisly “cannibalistic” assault in Miami on Saturday, May 26, which have provoked a national media and internet explosion over the past few days.  In response to questions, concerns, and the increasing circulation of misinformation that have arisen since this incident, the SHC Autumn Doyle of the Committee has made every effort to initiate a proper analysis and expedite a statement of assurance to the local community.

At her instruction, the ZAC’s Department of Communications & Outreach conducted an investigation of the matter.  After reviewing a mass of both credible and non-credible media sources and conferring with partner organizations in other parts of the country, the Department came to the following initial findings:
Miami Resident Rudy Eugene attacked Ronald Poppo on May 26, chewing a large majority of his face off as Poppo attempted to fight him off.  The attack lasted for about 18 minutes and was captured on surveillance video which has since been made public.  The attack ended when a Miami police officer fired on Eugene multiple times, after being shot the first time only caused him to growl at the officer before returning to biting Poppo’s face.
The cause of the attack has not been established, though some law enforcement officials have suggested it could have been a result of intoxication by Mephedrone-type drugs known by the term “bath salts.”  Toxicology analysis of Eugene’s body could take weeks.
There is no evidence of a connection between this and other biting-type attacks elsewhere in the country this month which have been correlated in some news media.  In fact, database research conducted by the ZAC has found that various types of biting attacks can be found occurring somewhere in the world most months of the year, though there seems to be a marked increase during summer months.
-Reports of a “new virus” known as LQP-79 are not factual and appear to be a hoax that began within the last 48 hours.  A screenshot of an “article” touting this virus seems to only exist as a jpg, and while there are now nearly 300,000 mentions of LQP-79 via Google, not a single listed news source contains the information in the “article” screenshot being circulated, which includes a fictitious quote from an actual Miami police officer.  We have contacted the CDC and Ali Khan, Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response there, to request some statement allaying any public concern in this matter.
-A certain level of additional concern or perceived plausibility of a greater threat may have been exacerbated by the fact that the CDC added several posts about zombie preparedness to its official Public Health Matters blog in mid-May (link) only days before the tragic incident in Miami.  The timing of this we believe to be an unfortunate coincidence- in actual fact, the Center for Disease Control embraced zombies as conceptual teaching tool last May, and the recent posts mark the one year anniversary of this, which has drawn more attention to CDC online preparedness materials than any other outreach effort.
The ZAC Dept. of Communications and Outreach concludes at this time that there is no cause for a heightened state of alarm regarding any of the media discussion of a “zombie outbreak” or “zombie apocalypse.”

The ZAC received word late Wednesday night from allies at the Zombie Squad, whose chapters can be found in 40 cities worldwide.  In a statement from the St. Louis headquarters last night, ZS leadership confirmed that they believe the Miami incident to be a 
random and potentially drug-related occurrence and are not moving to a state of higher alert.

“No matter how slim the possibility of a threat to the public, it was incumbent on me as the elected executive of this committee to direct staff to research the matter and report back,” said Chancellor Doyle on Wednesday.

“The recent horrific occurrence in Miami, Florida is a tragic loss of life and humanity, just what we, your Z.A.C. try to prevent by raising awareness, in the hopes that atrocities of random violence will diminish,” expressed the Chancellor.

Communications and Outreach Director Donna Chaney points out that the fact that this attack in Miami carried on for nearly 20 minutes while cars, bikes and pedestrians passed by is a good reminder to be aware of and try to counter the “bystander effect” in our daily lives.  

“Your level of awareness in this bad social pack behavior is something you need to recognize in an emergency situation, so that you can change it.” said Chaney, who has penned an opinion piece regarding this issue that will be available on our blog later today.  “Whether you’re dealing with an every day crisis (car accidents) or the first stages of a zombie apocalypse happening in your backyard, you should understand what is happening and that only you can make this change.”
The Zombie Action Committee extends its condolences to the families and friends of both men involved in the incident in Miami, and while the nature of the attack will understandably generate curiosity and pointing out of parallels to the “zombie” concept, we urge all to try to be sensitive to the real loss of life and injuries that have taken place.
For more information and updates as available:
Special Thanks to Zombie Squad HQ, St. Louis, MO