Zombie Virus Hoax Is the Work of Florida Webmaster Alfred Moya  Miami New Times June 6 2012 “But not everyone thinks the joke is funny. A Massachusetts-based group called the Zombie Action Committee outed the hoax, but also slammed Moya…”

Zombie Committee No Cause for Alarm in Miami  Singapore Daily News June 4 2012

Zombie Group Says No Cause for Alarm in “Miami Zombie Attack”  Daily Disruption June 3, 2012 “With the recent events in Miami… Zombie groups like ZAC, which was founded in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 2008, are reaching out to let everyone know there is no need to worry of a Zombie out break.”

Zombie Action Committee: “No Substantiated Cause for Alarm in Miami Attack”  –, May 31, 2012   “The Zombie Action Committee released the following statement regarding the recent Miami biting attack…”

Zombie Group Reaches out to Film ProducersBerk.  Trade & Commerce -June Issue, 2012 “Who knew that followers of zombie culture were so hierarchical? Or steeped in democratic principles? Or civic-minded in their desire to contribute to the regions’s creative economy?”

BAMCon: A Visual TravelogueI, Pittsfield –May 9, 2012 “Also on the serious side, was the informational panel on Zombies- what they mean, where they come from, and what do about it… [raffle winner] Oweinn Hermann said he personally was stoked about all the zombie education.”

Pittsfield Gears Up For Anime Invasion at BAMCon -May 1, 2012 “It’s going to be a great weekend for Pittsfield,” said local horror author DA Chaney, guest star of the zombie survival panel. “I’m thrilled to see a specialized convention like this so close to home.”

How to Survive the Undead WNYT Albany, April 25 The Zombie Action Committe will be presenting an expert panel discussion on the subject of surviving the undead in fiction and theory.

Anime Convention Coming to Pittsfield North Adams Transcript  April 11, 2012 A new event called BamCon Locally there will be gaming tournaments sponsored by comic shop Fantasy Realms, as well as a panel from the Zombie Action Committee from Pittsfield. 

2012 Zombie Committee Takes OfficeGreen St. Cafe, Jan. 27 (ZAC Inaugurations)


The walking dead take over Pittsfield
WNYT- News Channel 13 -Albany

Click here to watch

Zombie Awareness Group Can Advocate in Parade Thursday, October 20, 2011- The local Zombie Action Committee is declaring “a major victory for undead awareness” on Wednesday after being given special permission to advocate during the city’s annual Halloween Parade…

Zombies Preach Awareness, Make EndorsementsGood Morning Pittsfield  October 27, 2011 “Some still believe that zombies come from diseases, whereas I believe the zombies come from magic.” -Autumn Doyle<ZAC part begins at around 22 minutes>

Sheriff, zombies set to parade
Berkshire Eagle
Monday October 24, 2011 Berkshire Sheriff Thomas Bowler will lead the city s 67th Annual Halloween Parade this week on its inaugural march …

Zombie Pub Crawl in Pittsfield MA!

The fine folks of Pittsfield have a great zombie pub crawl planned to celebrate World Zombie Day. There is a LOT going on and for pub crawlers out in that area it sounds like it’ll be a blast if you are into zombies and drinking

Undead stalk the streets of PittsfieldBerkshire Eagle
October 9, 2011 A group of zombies was seen shambling along the city streets and congregating in local bars Saturday night. They were …

Hoarde of Zombies to Descend on Downtown Pittsfield -Rogovoy Report

Sep 27, 2011 – The Berkshire-based Zombie Action Committee will present the 2nd Annual Pittsfield Zombie Pub Crawl that evening from 5pm to midnight…


Zombie #14 Going in for a Bite on the Mayor of Pittsfield   – @JayElling Twitpic

Cultural Pittsfield TV: Zombies!!!  


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