LQP-79 “Zombie Virus” CONFIRMED as Web Scam

The inventor of LQP-79, Alfred Moya

Florida may not be the source of a zombie  virus, but it is home to the primary perpetuator of this myth.

The LQP-79 hoax has been created and actively spread by Florida-based “affordable web pro” Alfred Moya, the ZAC has discovered.

Following our announcement Thursday allaying fears of a “zombie” outbreak following a wave of internet rumor and hysteria set off by last weekend’s biting attack  in Miami, we received a tweet from Moya, who tweets as @affordableweb.  A glance at his feed showed he had been actively tweeting and re-tweeting bits about the virus, particularly a link to a thrown-together wordpress based site LQP-79.org  Moya had also been promoting the site via his channel and comments on Youtube, as well as spamming it to the comment sections of many other websites and articles.

Closer examination reveals that the site was registered to one Alfred Moya, of Ocala, FL, according to its registration information.  Moya, an avid cannabis advocate who says he has been “building websites and writing on the internet since 1999,” also created this oh-so-scientific video on his youtube channel on Thursday to promote the site.

His LQP-79 site began with the infamous “article” screenshot apparently meant to resemble Huffington Post, which blatantly distorts a quote from the quite-real Armando Aguilar of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police.  Aguilar was the first to suggest (and it is, still, only speculation) that the face-eating attack on the causeway last Saturday might have been the result of the mephedrone-type drugs sometimes referred to as “bath salts.” A doctor quoted in the same report called this drug the “the new LSD” (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25), and it was probably this that inspired Moya, a dread-locked proponent of marijuana and psychedelics, to coin the fictional new virus “Lysergic Quinine Protein” LQP-79.

The note of parody involved is not without merit to anyone familiar with the way in which law enforcement, politicians, medical personnel and media can sometimes create and perpetuate irresponsible rumors, speculation and hysteria.  The comparison of these “bath salt” drugs to LSD was, at best, misguided.   However, Moya’s propagation of an internet hoax that has induced real fear in some, in which all roads lead back to his site, with its Google ads and prominently featured Paypal widget for donating to “fund research and broadcasting information of this deadly virus!” … well, it doesn’t exactly scream altruistic satire.

Any additional questions about the fictional LQP-79 virus or the motivations for creating this fairly widespread rumor can be directed to

Alfred Moya at the Alfred Moya Foundation 

2345 NE 25th Ave
Ocala, FL
affordableweb@gmail.com  (352)509-5420

*We have contacted PayPal to inquire whether or not they consider this solicitation of funds for researching a fictional disease a violation of their terms of use.

*Special thanks to Crystal the Ninja for conferring with us and assisting with our investigation of this matter.



Authors and Experts to Tackle Zombie Genre at New Anime Convention

BAMCon May 4-6. 2012

Pittsfield, MASS- The Zombie Action Committee will present an expert panel discussion on the subject of surviving the undead in fiction and theory, as part of BAM-Con, the 1st annual Berkshire Anime & Manga Convention on May 6, 2012.

Scheduled for 3pm Sunday May 6, the final day of this 3-day convention, this panel will examine various practical and philosophical aspects of zombies and their survival in fiction, from examples in anime to the entire range of film, television, books and comics.
The following specialists will present their observations, discuss concepts and offer a Q&A period to follow:
DA Chaney – Author and renowned zombie expert, Chaney’s work on the subject appears in anthologies such as First Time Dead 2, Hell Hath No Fury: An All Female Zombie Anthology, Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 From Outer Space, Zombie Writing!, and her new novella Cryptic.  Chaney is also a respected blogger on the horror genre.
Autumn Doyle  – Artist, musician, and folklorist, Autumn was elected Supreme High Chancellor of the Zombie Action Committee for 2012.  Autumn has studied the lore of the dead and undead in various cultures and traditions and is a celebrated expert on magical and occult theories and aspects of the walking dead.  Photography of Doyle’s simulated River of Fire was recently showcased in the exhibition “Follow the River,” juried by the Northampton Arts Council
Gabriel Squailia – Author of the novel Dead Boys, which has been compared to “the Wizard of Oz in the afterlife,” Squailia is an avid purveyor of various sci/fi and fantasy is considered an expert on postcorporeal existence and animate corpses.
Palmer Dietrich – eminent survivalist Palmer Dietrich specializes in crisis readiness and emergency action strategies.  Dietrich, who serves as Deputy Director of Communications & Outreach, oversees networking and coordination with other zombie awareness groups worldwide, and claims to be one of the only American civilians to have survived a zombie crisis.
The Zombie Action Committee is thrilled to participate in this new convention created by MediaCrash and the Berkshire Anime Convention, as part of its overall mission of raising awareness and resilient community building.  For more information and tickets to Bam-Con visit the convention’s homepage at http://www.bam-con.com/ or enjoy the following video: