“I really appreciate what you all are doing” –State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, 3rd Berkshire District

“Thank you for your diligence on this public health and safety issue. I know Pittsfield is in good hands.” –John Krol, Pittsfield City Councilor, on our report of findings on the LQP-79 virus rumors and Miami biting attack.

“I’m not really sure I know what the zombie committee is or does” –Phil Bastow, Artist

“For a cabal steeped in zombie lore, this absence of cut-throat capitalist instinct can be disarming.” –Brad Johnson, Berkshire Trade & Commerce

“I think we can all agree that the Zombie Action Committee is the final authority on these matters.”  –Kevin Grizzard, Research Assistant at John Hopkins , on the LQP-79 virus hoax

“We’re getting way too excited about something that’s way too far away.” – Katie Schott, Aesthetician/Barista

“I’ll always remember my endorsement from the Zombie Action Committee.” –Former City Councilor Pete White

“Perhaps no organization in the Berkshires is capable of dealing with such hilarious issues so seriously. Or such serious issues so hilariously.” -name withheld by request

“…another theme that went big in 2011” –Jenn Smith, Berkshire Eagle

“…looks like fun, right? It totally is!! ” –DA Chaney, Author


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