Zombie Action Committee- Subcommittee on Educational Events
Thursday, July 12, 2K12
ZAC Conference Room

Autumn Doyle (SHC)
Eliza R. (Dir. of Ed. Events)
Palmer D.
& Guests:
Robert. P (L&Mc)
Amanda W. (L&Mc)
Joe D. (C.O.S., as acting Clerk*)

Jeff B.*
Gabriel S.

-SHC Doyle updated the group on planning for the art show, which will open at Shawn’s Barber Shop on Thursday, October 11. The possibility of a campaign press conference held at the Beacon Cinema prior to art opening was discussed. SHC will follow up with John Valente @ Beacon, as well as follow up planning for film showings there.

-The Chancellor’s office will negotiate with Spice next week to obtain rental of the upstairs dance floor for October 13 for zombie prom.

-Potential names for the marketing of October’s weekend of events were discussed. Days of the Dead, Zombie Days, Dead Days, Undead Days, Zombies Rise, Dead in the Berkshires, and ZxZ were all suggested with varying degrees of seriousness. Suggestions from other committee members welcome ASAP for decision at July 22 meeting.

-More volunteers to do makeup are needed for the Zombie Pub Crawl October 12 as well as possibly the prom Oct. 13. Volunteers should be directed to Eliza who is keeping a list.

-Preparations for 3rd Thursday (July 19) promotional efforts were reviewed. Several committee members as well as the Chancellor will be present, and other volunteers. There will be a volunteer recruiting list and sheets for cabal nominations.

-Pub Crawl, Oct 12- Invites to our July 22 full committee meeting have been sent to a variety of allied local business owners; a list of bars (attached) needs to be divided up among committee members for contacting. A welcome letter will be provided this week for approaching businesses. All venues are welcome to participate at no cost, but can become a sponsor for just a $25 contribution, to be listed on posters and other forms of advertising.

-Javier officially appointed to meet with M.W. ASAP to ask for underwriting sponsorship and all other support possible from Off. of cultural development.

-The timetable and tie-in of the ZAC election cycle with the October events was discussed, including availability and location of ballot boxes, and tabled for the next full committee meeting.

-Rob and Amanda reported on the July 7 Logo & Marketing subcommittee meeting and presented the finalized guidelines for the logo contest, which was approved unanimously. Logo committee will coordinate with Dir. of Com. (Donna) to publicize contest as widely as possible. Deadline for submissions is August 12.

-Membership appointments to the cabal for the remainder of 2012 term were briefly discussed. [Under ZAC’s charter, Autumn can appoint two cabal members per term by right (currently has used one), and an additional two with a vote of the cabal.] There are also vacancies left by the departure of Carly to NYC and soon Donna will move also. Sharae Gadson has been nominated by two members of the cabal, and may be appointed at the July 22 meeting. Other appointments may be forthcoming at the discretion of the Chancellor.

Zombie Pub Crawl Potential List

Brix/ Thistle & Mirth
Baba Louie’s
Underground Pub
Mad Jacks
Patrick’s Pub
Lach’s Lounge

[Spice, Mission, Y Bar are already in discussions]


Zombie Action Committee- Full Committee Meeting June 24, 2012

SHC Autumn Doyle (presiding); Javier Dominguez, Donna Chaney, Palmer Dietrich Rob Pollard, Jeff Brace
Visitor: Michele Beaulieu-Brace

There was discussion of forming a militia. The idea was well received. Tabled for vote at July meeting.

Jeff presented the status of “Zombies in Love” . Unanimously voted to support and promote. Production will remain with Jeff. A date will be set for a table reading and a presentation at YBar may be arranged at some future date.

Donna moved to amend the charter, changing the dates of voting for Committee members from November 1-December 1 to August 31 – October 13. Approved unanimously.

Rob presented the report from the Logo Committee. Discussion went to prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd), Age constraints, printer (Massive Graphics), Guidelines, judges (Chancellor, sub-committee member, local business person), budget. Vote to approve deadline of August 17 – approved unanimously.

Autumn presented the plan for a juried art show, to be held at Shawn’s Barber Shop in October 11.

Event subcommittee discussed events to be part of October zombie weekend- will feature Zombie Prom in addition to art show and films @ Beacon All events should have canned food drives. Continued to Events Subcommittee Meeting.


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